Scaffold Hire & Erect in Kingston Upon Thames

Scaffold Hire in Kingston

properly secured. As Kingston in places is heavily populated, it’s vital that everything is locked down and unmoveable as the last thing anyone needs to see is falling masonry being blown off a building.

When checking sites in Kingston and the surrounding areas, our scaffolding erectors make sure that particular attention is paid to the bracing and tie arrangements. We also check to make sure that a sufficient amount of coupler connections have been used when erecting the towers.

All scaffolding companies should of course carry out the necessary checks to industry guidelines when constructing the towers in Kingston but we never take anything in scaffolding for granted. Other factors our scaffolding erectors will consider, are securing walk boards as well as netting or sheeting. In some cases we might remove the accessories completely for total protection.

Once the storm has passed, a full inspection of the scaffolding at your site in Kingston will take place. This is to make sure nothing has come loose and we advise all our customers not to use the scaffolding hire until the checks have taken place. We will inform the site managers responsible for health and safety when the scaffolding erectors have said it’s safe to use.

Safe and Clean Scaffolding Services in Kingston

As one of the leading scaffolding companies covering Kingston, Ezact Scaffold provides safe and clean working practices for all our scaffolding erectors to adhere to. This is not just when constructing and dismantling but also when carrying out general day to day duties. We pride ourselves on our professionalism and this in turn rubs off with all who come into contact with our staff in the Kingston area.

We know that any commercial construction is only as good as the scaffolding provided. Safety is the key aspect in our work and we know only too well that a safe tower construction protects everyone from the scaffolding erectors to the building team working on it. All our equipment is regularly updated and any signs of wear and tear mean that the worn pieces will be replaced immediately.

To find out more about scaffolding hire in Kingston, call our hotline now on 07983 253017. One of our team will be only too happy to help with your enquiry.